Embark on a journey to explore the lakes around Banff, from the world-renowned Lake Louise to the vibrant Moraine Lake. Experience the surreal colors of the lakes, the majestic mountains that frame them, and the diverse wildlife that calls this wilderness home. This travelogue captures the spirit of adventure and the grandeur of Canada's wilderness.

Exploring the Lakes Near Banff: A Journey Through Canada's Majestic Wilderness
The following day was almost entirely dedicated to visits to the lakes around Banff. Early in the morning, a bus picked me up from the Banff hotel, and we set off for Lake Louise. This time the perspective was slightly different, perhaps less crowded in the morning, and the sun shone from a different angle, offering new perspectives and colours to the water. During the day, I managed to take a short stroll along the shoreline of the lake, trying to escape the tourists that were inevitably present, though perhaps less so than in the evening.

Ideally, taking a circular route around the lake would have offered many more interesting angles and views, but the main journey led to the next lake which undoubtedly deserves attention: Moraine Lake. The unreal colours of Moraine Lake, almost chemically vibrant, somehow characterize the picture of the Canadian Rockies. The lake is not very far from Lake Louise, about less than an hour's drive.

However, to see Moraine Lake, one needs to climb a small scary cliff. The climb only takes about 15 to 20 minutes, but once you reach the top, a truly impressive view opens up. The colour of the water is unrealistically turquoise, unlike the greener Lake Louise. This colour is more of a bright blue hue, something that I believe is impossible to describe with words. The backdrop is adorned with mountain ranges that you can gaze at through the upright spruce trees.
There's a boathouse with a couple of boats below, which rather than spoiling, complements the landscape, giving a sense of scale to the whole place. Again, this moment is merely an opportunity for a brief look at this region, spending maybe about an hour here, photographing from different angles. Despite being amongst a large crowd, it does not stop one from having a moment of solitude on this rocky hilltop.

With enough time to take photos, the bus awaits me below to head to the next destination. This time, the route heads towards a slightly more distant lake in the direction of Yoho National Park. The first stop on this part of the journey is Takakkaw Falls, one of the tallest waterfalls in Canada, located in Yoho National Park. The spectacle of this waterfall, as well as the overall natural beauty of Yoho National Park, is bound to be yet another highlight of the journey.

This particular lake has a tourist hotel on its shores, located more in the wilderness, further away from Banff. For those seeking a greater sense of solitude, it might make sense to stay at such a hotel and then have the opportunity to wander extensively along the nearby rivers and beautiful forest roads leading to the lake. This lake has a unique colour, slightly greenish, but it is much more lively in terms of navigation, with lots of boats. It is a popular pastime among the locals, with many different types of catamarans, paddle boats, and canoes. They might not provide a sense of complete solitude, but the lake is large enough that it doesn't feel crowded.

After lunch at the hotel, our journey continued with several more water points of interest. One of our short stops was at another roaring waterfall. This time, the water seemed to fly downwards. You can get close to the whimsically carved stone shores and watch as the water drops into a tunnel, created by the force of the water. Instead of falling from one line, it seems to be sucked into a hole. Despite the shortstop, the day is still long, and there's one more destination to cover: Yoho National Park.

While Yoho National Park is less known to me, it's simply less accessible and perhaps not as widely recognized. However, its nature is no less beautiful than Banff. Here, I have a feeling that the forests are older, towering like giants over the road and evoking a sense of monumentality.

Our stop in Yoho is near a waterfall, which takes about 25 minutes to reach from the bus stop. The waterfall is massive, cascading from the top of a cliff. It's difficult to get to the bottom, but maybe that's not necessary unless you want to immerse yourself in a sea of splashes. As the water falls from above, it scatters in different directions, swirling and enveloping everything below in a mist of water.

Having spent time exploring the waterfall and taking various photos from below, our time in Yoho National Park comes to an end. The day concludes with the journey back to Banff. The memories and impressions of the day - the spectacular sights, the sense of the scale of the Canadian wilderness, and the soothing sounds of nature - serve as beautiful reminders of the adventure.

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